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Extracurricular Activities

Students of the Hendersonville Christian Academy have the opportunity to be involved in many extracurricular activities including:

  • Fine Arts Competition
  • Academic Competition
  • Honor Society
  • Field Trips
  • K5-5th Tennis
  • K5-5th Soccer
  • 4th-12th Basketball
  • 6th-12th Golf
  • 3rd-12th Cross Country
  • 5th-12th Basketball
  • 5th-12th Archery
  • 5th-12th Volleyball
  • Student Council
  • Community Outreach Projects
  • Master Clubs and Youth Group Involvement
  • 6th-12th Yearbook Club
  • 6th-12th Clubs (theater, finance, chess, etc.)
  • Mini Cheer Team
  • Teacher or Office Aide

HCA Student Life