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Pastor Aaron Snodderly, Pastor

Pastor Aaron has been an Evangelist for the last 20 years and also served as Executive Director of the Tennessee Independent Baptists for Religious Liberty. He and his wife, Brenda, are current residents of Hendersonville and are excited about doing great things for God with the people of BBC. As he frequently says, ‘The future is always bright if we follow the Son.’ Please pray for them, our church, and our school as we seek to build a vibrant fellowship that reaches our community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Mrs. Amber Mungle, Head of School

Mrs. Amber Mungle has served at HCA since 2005. Because she began as a high school English teacher and coach before moving into administration, Mrs. Mungle's passion for high academics, her love for students, and her relatability with teachers shines through as Head of School.  She holds a bachelor’s degree from Tennessee Temple University in secondary education in the areas of speech communications and English as well as a master’s degree from Liberty University in teaching and learning.


  Name Title Group
Amber Mungle Mungle, Amber Head of School Administration
Rose Ann Norwood Norwood, Rose Ann Preschool Director Administration
Timothy Parton Parton, Timothy Athletic Director Administration
Aaron Snodderly Snodderly, Aaron Pastor Administration
Jonathan Valentin Valentin, Jonathan Student Life Director Administration

HCA Preschool

  Name Title Group
Laura Boivin Boivin, Laura Faculty Preschool
Barbara Finney Finney, Barbara Child Care Preschool
Rose Ann Norwood Norwood, Rose Ann Preschool Director Preschool
Cynthia Shewcraft Shewcraft, Cynthia Faculty Preschool

HCA Elementary

  Name Title Group
Rachel Eidson Eidson, Rachel Faculty Elementary
Maranda Norwood Norwood, Maranda Faculty Elementary
Lavinia Peret Peret, Lavinia Faculty Elementary
Angela Stutler Stutler, Angela Substitute Elementary
Myra Willemin Willemin, Myra Elementary
Laura Williams Williams, Laura Elementary Lead Teacher Elementary
Brent Winingar Winingar, Brent Faculty Elementary

HCA Upperschool

  Name Title Group
Lillian Abernathy Abernathy, Lillian Faculty Secondary
William Bland Bland, William Faculty Secondary
Shelby Hicks Hicks, Shelby Faculty Secondary
Beth O'Malia O'Malia, Beth Guidance Counselor Secondary
Jessica Rasmussen Rasmussen, Jessica Music Director Secondary
Ryan Rasmussen Rasmussen, Ryan Faculty Secondary

HCA Office

  Name Title Group
Logan Hicks Hicks, Logan Director of Media Office
Holly Shannon Shannon, Holly Administrative Assistant Office
Sherilyn Valentin Valentin, Sherilyn Office Manager Office