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Whether your child is excelling in school or has educational gaps to fill, a plan for success in the classroom is achievable at HCA. The staff of certified teachers partners with the family to help students thrive spiritually, academically, socially, emotionally, and physically while training them to be servant leaders. 

We want to produce well-rounded adults who give back to community by loving God, loving others, and loving country. These values are integrated throughout academic and elective classes. In Pre-K4, students enjoy computer and music classes. In elementary, students enjoy special classes in computer, library, art, music, Spanish, and P.E. while secondary students enjoy electives such as speech, digital design, music appreciation, and more. Those who are thriving academically have opportunities such as dual enrollment to earn college credit while still in high school. HCA partners with local colleges to offer on-campus and off-campus options. This tuition is paid for by the state of Tennessee. 

Teachers offer help class for struggling students. Services such as Sumner County's speech therapy are available for those who qualify. Teachers and administrators partner with parents to create a customized plan for students who need it. A licensed NILD therapist is available on campus to offer education therapy. Summer school is offered for extra support in K-5th grades. 

HCA does accept students with an IEP or 504 plan; we also accept IEA funds. 


With the Abeka curriculum and experienced teachers, your child will have mastery review of key academic concepts. Your child will begin cursive writing in kindergarten and practice it through the fifth grade. Students who transfer to HCA pick up quickly. Teachers ensure students have the stepping stones of foundational academics to then excel at the next levels. Hendersonville Christian Academy primarily uses the Abeka curriculum for all grade levels.

Hendersonville Christian Academy has developed a scope and sequence that is used for all students from preschool through high school with the truth of the Scriptures still at its foundation. Goals and objectives have been constructed for each subject and grade. Textbooks are carefully selected to be used as tools by teachers to not only teach subject matter but to integrate Bible truth.

HCA maintains a solid foundation of high academic standards cohesively joined with biblical truths and teachings. The school believes that there are three defining characteristics of a biblically-based, Christ-centered education:

1. Biblical Integration

This is the blending of biblical principles and scripture with traditional subject areas. Within all disciplines and activities of the school, at all levels, there are elements that can point students in the direction of their Savior and Creator. The task of the Christian school teacher is to help students discover those elements by integrating applicable scriptures and scriptural principles with what they are learning in math, science, literature, athletics, fine arts, and indeed all subjects and activities of the school. In order for students to develop a Christian worldview (and in order for an education to be considered Christian), all subjects must be taught, not only by Christians, but from an integrated Christian frame of reference. In addition, all students attend daily Bible classes and weekly chapel meetings throughout the year.

2. Role Model Influence

This refers to the morality, integrity, character and spiritual condition of the people involved in the school and particularly of the administration and faculty. For HCA to describe itself as "Christian," it must be staffed with people who themselves are distinctively "Christian." Meaning, people who are beyond question born-again Believers and know that their personal lives and the daily quality of their relationship with the Lord, Jesus Christ will affect students for generations to come. They study and use the scriptures as their guide for life, their source for wisdom and strength, and the standard by which all things must be judged. In short, these must be people who have internalized the Word of God and have allowed the grace of God to produce a living curriculum within them that is obvious to all.

3. Discipleship

This is the process whereby the values and beliefs of one generation are continually placed before, and directly taught to, the next generation. An education that purports to name the name of Christ must disciple students by directly involving them with the Word of God and placing before them who the Word of God calls them to "be" and what that Word calls them to "do" in their daily lives. Through discipleship we endeavor to create a foundation of a thorough knowledge of the Bible in order to bring about development of character and lifestyle consistent with that knowledge. The school’s endeavor takes the form of opportunities: Bible class, chapel, community service, mission trips, staff relationships, and positive peer influences. All of these venues provide students with the opportunity to acquire a thorough knowledge of the Bible and make decisions that shape who they are in Christ today and for the rest of their lives.

  1. Through Biblical integration, we want students to discover the hand, heart, and mind of Christ throughout the universe of creation and thought.
  2. Through role model influence, we provide students with a developmental influence that can only come from mature, born again Christian adults.
  3. Through discipleship we endeavor to create a foundational knowledge of the Bible and a lifestyle consistent with God's Word.

The phrase “college prep” is often used as a descriptor for the academic standard for many private and Christian school environments. Unless “college prep” is defined in the context of a particular school’s mission, it will often be misunderstood. For HCA, the guiding assumption is that every student who walks through the door is college bound. Whether it is elementary, middle school, or high school, it is the job of this school to provide each student with the opportunities necessary to be well-prepared for college entrance, as well as lead them to make informed decisions to find the best college fit. Students who choose to go to highly competitive universities find the education they receive at HCA is an empowering factor towards obtaining that goal. An education that bears the name of Christ must equip, not hinder.

HCA will provide all students at all grade levels with developmentally appropriate opportunities to acquire the knowledge and values necessary for success throughout their school years up to and including college. There is no other school in this community that can provide a greater overall experience for students than Heritage Christian Academy. A diploma from HCA is evidence of excellent educational achievement, but as our students move on and succeed in many areas, they begin to realize that the process of earning it prepares them for the challenges of life.

Hendersonville Christian Academy has created a unique environment that provides its students with the best education possible. As you search through the HCA website, you will be able to learn more about what this school has to offer. However, some of the areas offered that are college-preparatory specific at HCA are:

  1. An established and excellent phonics curriculum beginning in K3.
  2. A full and comprehensive K3-K5 program.
  3. Elementary competitions include: Young Authors, Spelling Bee, Math Olympics, Speech Meet & Art Competitions.
  4. Foreign languages are offered at both the secondary and elementary level.
  5. On-campus dual-credit, Princeton Review SAT Prep and honors courses.
  6. Secondary competitions at the district, regional, and state level in academics, fine arts, and athletics.

HCA offers a varied and challenging academic curriculum with several extracurricular programs to ensure its students have a strong educational foundation and reach their full potential. Students at HCA will have more opportunities because they are not limited to just one or two activities.

In the Athletic Department, students can participate in cross country, volleyball, basketball, baseball, tennis, golf, and archery. The Fine Arts Department offers art, choir, private string lessons, yearbook, digital editing, and graphic design. These departments are well-recognized and have been awarded several high honors. There are also various clubs, honor society, and missions and volunteer opportunities for the students as well.

Hendersonville Christian Academy boasts several awards from National Merit Scholars for above average SAT and ACT test scores, but none are more important than the spiritual and educational foundation that is necessary for college and later life. Not only are 100 percent of HCA graduates eligible to attend college, but they also receive numerous scholarship offers for academics, athletics, fine arts, leadership, community service, and much more.