Sixth through Eighth Grade

Middle school students study Bible, math, science, history, literature, grammar, computer technology, geography, physical education, and the fine arts. Our teachers challenge students to develop good study habits and critical thinking skills.  Our challenging curriculum is committed to the success of every student as we strive to prepare each student for high school.

Instruction is personalized, classes are small, and our expectation is that every student can succeed.

Our school values and reinforces integrity and personal responsibility.  Our classrooms are safe places for students to ask questions, make mistakes, and explore ideas.  Our environment is nurturing and seeks to provide a challenging and engaging education.

Teachers use a variety of methods to assess student work and learning.  Formal reporting of grades, written academic reports and parent conferences keep students and their families informed about progress and prognosis.

Our middle school offers students many routes to success.  A Bible-based challenging curriculum, small classes, nurturing dedicated teachers, and a strong emphasis on character development make Hendersonville Christian Academy Middle School a fulfilling experience.

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